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Beach Deck

Crazy Thoughts

Yes, you read it right. The question is why is it so?? I ask myself sitting here in the sun, looking at the people who are putting in their efforts to climb this wall. What am I doing here? What is it that's need to be done by me? Am I not the one who should be part of them? Am I not capable of climbing these walls? Why does it feel so strange?

The answer to this was simple, because I wanted it this way! I chose not to take part.

Once we were deciding names for the list of participants, I left it there itself. I gave an excuse to myself.

"It's not for me", I thought.

"But it's an opportunity, shouldn't I just snatch it and get in this?.", my good brain asked.

The lazy one just wondered and asked, " what do you really want?"

"Travel, new place, surprises, anything different and new", Prompted the reply.

"Soo... I guess you decided it right".

"Ahann, you are right", I nodded and agreed.

Yes, it was an good opportunity, but it's not the one I really wanted for myself.

And so here I was.. looking at them climbing these walls.

So I was at peace with my crazy stupid thoughts...!!!

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