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Just say, TRY ME

Being a human being, it's our nature to resist the change. And whenever a CHANGE knocks the door of our life, we ask god ''WHY ME''? Meanwhile we forget that if life goes on like this, a seed will never become a tree. A bud will not transform into a beautiful flower and a stone won't make it to a lovely sculpture. These changes bring the best out of everything. Although, going through the process may seem exasperating as it requires a lot of efforts. We also get bewildered by seeing the intermediate products as they aren't good looking, but the result surely does. And to reach there, we need to go through these steps of introspection, self improvement, dedication, persistence and what not. This is the gist of living a meaningful and satiated life. So, instead of whining 'why me?' , just say ''TRY ME!!!!'' and get the best out of ourselves.

- Anju Kanwar Shekhawat

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