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Love begins from within

We tend to seek love from others and make ourselves vulnerable when there is dearth of it. And believe me, this whole situation is rampant. Being a social animal, it is our need to mix up with people. But, problem arises when their affirmation becomes more important than what we think of ourselves. With time, this whole arrangement becomes intricate and we keep drowning without having much control over it. And for saving ourselves, we need someone to pull us out and maybe a CPR, if the situation is worse.

Now the question is, why do others' actions and perception matter this much? While in the end, we stand alone. And to be on ourselves, we need to be strong and love ourselves, for what we are and what we do. We have only one life and we should bring the best out of it. For that, start loving ourselves, others will follow.

- Anju Kanwar Shekhawat

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