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Beach Deck


My thoughts flow ceaselessly when i stroll under the moon. Pace increases and decreases with the type of thought going through my mind. I become sad for a moment and happy for the next. I think, I overthink, I smile, I sob, I blame, I curse, I brainstorm, I sleep.

Some nights bring chaos and self doubt, yet i love them in the end. That cool breeze, those twinkling stars, those peculiar shaped clouds and above all, ''THE MOON''. I stare at the moon and admire its beauty. Doesn't matter whether it's waxing or waning, clear or vague, partially visible or fully visible. It is beautiful the way it is.

Even if it shines through the clouds, that dim light brings hope. Hope that clouds will scatter and moon will shine.

I will fight,

I will shine.

Credit - Anju Kanwar Shekhawat

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