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The Awkward Silence...

" Hey, Sugar!!"


"What's wrong?"


"What happened!! Sweet Sugar??"

"Nothin!!… I am okay."

"So.. What's troubling you?? Dear."

"Nothing... All Good."

It went on like this for another ten minutes, and everything was silenced. There was nothing between them. It was the numbness in the air that was felt by both of them.

Riya went on to the dressing table and started arranging everything to avoid this awkward silence. She wanted to escape from this, the silence, the dreadful moment, the not happening argument. Everything to her was so much, she couldn't take the pain of herself fighting inside her against the one of her versions inside.

Rohan got up, sneaked up on his sugar and wrapped his arms around her. For a moment Riya stood still. The agitated and troubled version inside her started cooling down and within no time she was so much at peace.

She put her hands over his, and hugged him in the very same position. Tilted her head back and settled into Rohan's comforting chest. She felt the warmth of his body and unwrapping herself out of his arm, she turned around, looked at him and hugged him tight.

"What took you so long??", She asked him silently.

"Shhhh.... I am here", he hugged her tight.

Took his lips to her ears... And whispered

"I lub you.. ".

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