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Every individual have his own level of intelligence, we tend to compare it with the level of intelligence we have or the people who are outside with a better one. The question is what is the intellectual intelligence we are setting up as the BASE. Where is it? How do you come to a conclusion that yes, this is how much You expect out of someone.?

There was one guy who had his girl with a level of intelligence which was quiet higher than what he thought of himself. Our guy was way beyond the basic level of intellectual intelligence. The level he has is equal to a LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE. He cannot comprehend something which is beyond his logical thinking. Even the jokes which he heard were not even jokes for him until he made an effort to understand what was the actual joke.

Now, there she was, his girl, emotional and intelligent, it's quite a combination. Not everyone have this, I feel a person can be either intelligent or emotional, but here was his girl who was combination of both. He did not realise how much effort he has to make to make his girl happy. At times, he said it was difficult for him to understand the signal which she gave for what she wanted, he did not get the small, cute and beautiful surprises which she expected out of him. He just did not get that, he came to me and asked, brother!! I have a situation.. what should I do.?

Well, I said I don't know?? You should apologize, improve on your perception ability, and speak your heart out. You make up your point what causes you this problem.? Definitely improve your grasping ability. He thought of his girl and said " It's worth it!! ", Smiled and went back to his girl.

"Hope", it's something, isn't it??

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