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Things happen by chance, by choice, by luck, deliberately, or sometimes as a mere coincidence. And as i remember this, it is a deliberate one.😎

After staying together for so long, finally we celebrated his birthday together.

Always been a dream to stay together on these precious occasions, holding hands, cuddling, kissing and sometimes dash down crawl from each other.

Been through it a thousand times in my dreams. But, in reality, it was simply beautiful.

I wish, it could be expressed in words, but, alas! I am at short of exact words..

Cakes, candles, lights and flowers, they enhanced the moment.🎂🌸

We ate, we drank,

we talked, we sank (in our thoughts)

sat beside each other, resting and lying in the lawn,

so much into each other, never realised, it was already dawn.🌞


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